Hello Make-Up Tip #1!

So there you are, searching through your closet to find the perfect top to complete your outfit. After half your closet is on the floor, you finally found it! You quickly slip it on and as soon as you do, those deodorant marks, once again, magically appear on each side of your shirt.

I know you all have had this happen countless times before. So today I’m happy to make you aware of my new favorite product to take care of this extremely annoying issue.

Each morning after you put on your deodorant and before you put on your shirt, spray on Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray. This spray is also going to freeze your deodorant to 35 degrees (don’t worry, you can’t feel it), keeping it in it’s place all day long. This is also used to spray on your face after you have put on your make-up. It keeps your make-up from setting into your pores while giving you that natural glow, making you look 10 years younger (hence the name). Pretty sweet, huh?. In fact, it was a key factor in how the make-up for my wedding this past weekend continued to look so amazing hours after it had been done.

It’s like hairspray for your body; works like a charm.


Fresh [make-up] never fades… literally.

XO – Miss Motives

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6 thoughts on “Hello Make-Up Tip #1!

  1. Oh I need this. Just had this happen this morning. Why have you waited so long to share this info with me Jordan!?

  2. Emmalee Larson says:


  3. Lisa Hoynes says:

    I LOVE this product. Light, refreshing, and keeps my makeup looking good with no need for touch ups later in the day!

  4. […] thank goodness for the Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray. As I talked about this product here, this spray freezes your make-up to 35 degrees, meaning that it will keep your make-up in place all […]

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