Hello E-Vanity… again!

Hi all!

I have been so incredibly busy with finals, moving, modeling, and of course the Fargo Marathon just today! Now that you are winding down with school or even done for the summer, I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the nice weather that we have been having lately.

I have a ton of new photos and events to catch you up so I thought I’d start by sharing with you my latest shoot with E-Vanity that are currently on the website [http://www.evanity.com]. Didn’t the photos turn out amazing? All props go to Mitch Highman [mjoy Photography]; thanks Mitch! = ) – This is probably my favorite shoot yet with E-Vanity, although it always so much fun!

Can’t wait for more!

XO – Miss Motives

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2 thoughts on “Hello E-Vanity… again!

  1. Minnie says:

    OMG,Jordan you are so cool, I love how you look and what you have accomplish in your life so far. Being proud of you is mildly put. I thank God for having such a wonderful and successful granddaughter. Keep up the good work.
    God bless and keep you going always.

    Love and kisses

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