Hello Photoshoot!

I just received the pictures from the shoot that I was the hair & make-up artist for a couple weeks ago. It was my first photoshoot working with several models at once with many different looks. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier.

The photos were taken by J. Alan Paul Photography and models were styled by MB. The models were absolutely fantastic, making each pose look effortless.

And of course, I used my favorite Motives Cosmetics on each of my models.

I thought I’d share my favorites… I had many. = )

Enjoy your hopefully lazy Sunday night.

XO – Miss Motives

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3 thoughts on “Hello Photoshoot!

  1. Julie Landsiedel says:

    These photos are beautiful and their makeup looks AmAzInG!!!

  2. very very beautiful Dresses and Colour Combinatin…

  3. Thank you!!!! = ) xo

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