Hello [And Goodbye] Make-up Issues!

We all have those certain issues with make-up that tend to drive us crazy. Whether it’s not being able to find the right shade or you can’t get the make-up to stay on for more than a couple hours, we face these problems daily. And to be honest, they’re straight up annoying. No matter if you spend 5 minutes to do your make-up or 25 minutes, when you realize it smudged or is rubbed off – it’s pretty frustrating.

I know all women have these problems – I wanted to know what exactly are these issues and how could we fix them. So some of my dear friends contributed to a list issues that they have with make-up. I have put together the top 10 that were most talked about and commented with my suggestions of how to fix these annoyances as well.

Issue #1: Finding the right shade of foundation along with the right coverage.

Suggestion: This is one of the most annoying problems that I personally experience. I especially hate when you cannot try on or sample the shade and end up returning it because it doesn’t match or when you have to mix two shades of foundation to get a little closer to your color. So for those of you who have tried again and again to find the right shade and coverage, I am happy to introduce to you the Custom Blend Mineral Foundation by Motives (both liquid and powder). This foundation never ceases to amaze me. I am able to make a foundation as light or as dark as I need to. I can add in the undertones of each person’s skin, which is something that not many foundations can do. I can then add in as much coverage as you would like (very sheer to full-coverage), as much sunscreen as you want, moisturizer for dry skin, oil control for oily skin, mattifyer for a matted look, etc. I have never came across a skin tone that I haven’t been able to match.

I am a girl that loves to have the fullest of full coverage, but all the foundations I have ever tried feel extremely cakey and noticeable that I have a full coverage foundation on. This is my favorite thing about the product, no matter how much coverage you want in your foundation, it will always feel extremely light on your skin. I always feel as if I am not wearing any foundation at all, yet I have a full-coverage foundation on. This foundation always makes my skin look flawless, even when it’s not.

If you have further questions or are interested in trying out a custom blend, please let me know here!

Issue #2Getting foundation, eye shadow, and eyeliner to stay on all day long.

SuggestionThis was a huge problem of mine. You work so hard to perfect your make-up and then realize only a couple hours later that it is almost completely wiped off.

But thank goodness for the Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray. As I talked about this product here, this spray freezes your make-up to 35 degrees, meaning that it will keep your make-up in place all day long. To lock in your foundation, spray your entire face a couple times. Then for people who have trouble keeping your eye shadow on, spray closer to your eyelid to really set in the eye shadow. For those of you who suffer from the melting eyeliner, I would spray once more on each eye, focusing on the under part of the eye, not the eyelid.

Another tip I would suggest to keep eye shadow to stay on longer and without creasing is the Motives Eye Base. I love this eye base because it is the perfect blend of creamy and powdery. It makes all my eye shadows look more vibrant and keep them from rubbing off or creasing in my lid. Use this product right before you put your eye shadow on and then finish with 10 Years Younger, you will definitely see immediate positive results.

This product works absolute wonders and will definitely keep your perfected make-up in place, all day long. (I even used this spray when I ran in the marathon. When I started to sweat or it started to rain, my make-up still looked amazing. It rocked = ) – just a helpful hint for those of you who like to workout while looking gorgeous)


Issue #3Covering a blemish without it appearing too thick or “cakey”.

SuggestionIt’s okay to have a blemish, don’t be embarrassed. It’s all about knowing how to cover it without it looking too noticeable.

This is what I do: Find a shade of concealer that matches your skin tone. I use Motives Liquid Concealer. Like I said earlier, I love coverage. I want as much coverage as possible. This concealer isn’t exactly liquidy, but has a thick enough consistency to give you the coverage that you desire. I put this wherever I have a blemish or dark spot on my face before I put my foundation on. I then put my foundation on as normal. If I needed I’ll put a little more foundation or concealer over the troubled area, but most of the time my 1 layer of concealer and 1 layer of foundation does the trick. Topping with a light layer of powder will really set everything in. Top with 10 Years Younger and you, my friend, will have perfect looking skin, all day long.

This is honestly the first concealer that actually does what it’s suppose to for me; CONCEAL a blemish – meaning you shouldn’t even be able to see you have one!!!

Issue #4Getting mascara on your eyelid. 

SuggestionYour eye shadow is done and absolutely perfect, so you finish with mascara and BAM – there’s mascara on your eyelid. SUPER annoying. So then you try to lightly rub it off, but it won’t come off. What does come off though is your perfectly done eye shadow. Not cool. Sometimes it’s just bad luck, but I have a few suggestions to try and turn that bad luck around. First, try to close your eye as much as possible. If your eyes are wide open, then the likelihood of you getting mascara on your eyelid is high. But when your eyes are closed, you are much further away from your eyelid, making it less likely.

Another tip for you is to lightly put your finger horizontally along your lash line, so if any mascara were to get on your eyelid, it’ll go on your finger instead (and if your wearing 10 Years Younger, your eye shadow won’t be touched!) Lastly, you should take your time with how fast you are doing your mascara. Take a couple extra minutes to slow down and make those babies look full and separated… and off your eyelid.

Issue #5Skin feeling oily throughout the day.

 SuggestionHaving oily skin can be super frustrating (greasy feeling skin and big pores which leads to clogged pores and then to breakouts and then to a sad, sad girl. Boo.) But it doesn’t have to take over your skin that is if you have the right products to counteract it. I have two main tips to help with this issue. First, make sure you are using products that are oil-freeCheck your labels – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, foundation, etc. If you are using products that are not oil-free, you have realized your problem right then and there. If you are using oil-free products and still have this problem (like myself), I suggest trying Motives No Shine Setting Spray. This spray is truly amazing. This spray will act as both a setting spray for your make-up to keep things in place and as a “block” to keep your skin from getting oily. It is just as incredible as the 10 Years Younger Setting Spray, but with the enhancement of hindering the skin from getting oily. This product is totally my lifesaver.

Issue #6Lipstick coming off easily and making lips dry out.

SuggestionI have just started becoming a lover of wearing lipstick on a daily basis. And since I have created this new obsession, I realize that it is super hard to get your lipstick to stay on for more than 5 minutes after applying it. With that being said, I have found a couple different solutions. First, using a lip base before using lipsticks/glosses will help keep your lip color on for hours (literally). I use Motives Lip Lock and it works wonders. It keeps my lips moisturized while keeping my lipstick color vibrant and let alone – on my lips!!! Another process that I have noticed really helps is to exfoliate your lips with Lip Pumice. Continue with lip lock (or another lip base). Adding a lip liner will help keep your lipstick from bleeding off your lips. Lastly, finish with your lipstick and/or lip-gloss of choice.

Keeping your lips moisturized as much as possible will be a key factor in keeping your lips looking luscious and lipstick looking glamorous.


Issue #7: Powder makes skin look dry.

Suggestion: If your powder is making your skin look dry, first make sure it isn’t too light of a shade for your skin. Using something that is too light will make you look ashy and dry. Your powder should the same color as your foundation, if not a tiny shade darker – never lighter. Second, make sure your foundation contains mineral oil. Mineral oil lubricates the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. This creates the foundation to feel silky and moisturized which will in turn make your skin look (and feel) healthier and hydrated. My favorite is the Motives Photo Finish Pressed Powder. I always top with this powder and it consistently makes my skin look flawless.

Issue #8: How to keep eye shadow from not looking too blocky or too blended.

Suggestion: The key to applying eye shadow that looks natural, yet enhanced, I personally believe is the tools you use. I invested in this 15-Piece Brush Set (awesome price for awesome quality) and I LOVE it! I have taught myself how to use each brush that is recommended for what your doing and the results have been amazing. You don’t have to be a professional make-up artist in order to look like you are. I suggest investing in a set like I did and working with the correct tools instead of the tiny sponge applicator that we all know barely works and breaks in two seconds anyways, or even your finger. An upgrade like this will help you achieve that perfectly blended look you’ve always desired.

Side note: An upcoming post will feature each brush and what it is used for so you don’t have to guess = )


Issue #9: How to wear eye shadow colors that look fashionable yet casual at the same time.

Suggestion: Sometimes it can be hard to find the balance between trendy colors and casual colors. I find some girls wear each color of their outfit in their eye shadow and that too much is not only trying a little too hard, but is just straight up too much. I find it the most attractive to wear your favorite natural colors as your base and then play with 1 or 2 accent colors (from your outfit or shades of your outfit) either in the crease or in the tear duck/highlight area of your eyelid. This keeps the look sophisticated and classy while bring out a tiny bit of your fun and trendy side. Some may think it’s not enough, but I think it is the perfect amount.

Just a side note: Don’t be afraid to use a bold color once in a while – you won’t look clownish! Just be careful on how much you use (neon pink on your entire lid may be a bit too much). But in the crease of your eye or blended with another neutral or darker color may look extremely appealing. Be bold, be risky, try new things… just do it in moderation (as they say for pretty much anything). Play up your eyes and just have fun with it!

Nothing is more attractive than a girl who is confident with herself.

Issue #10Too lazy.

Suggestion: If your simply too lazy to do your make-up, HIRE ME! = ) I would LOVE to come over bright and early each morning and do your make-up!!!

Enjoy your Friday, issue free.
XO – Miss Motives
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