Welcome, Shelby!

While my blog was a total success for it’s first year being “alive”, I knew that there was so much more potential with Miss Motives. Well, today I am happy to announce one of those awesome additions!

In the past couple months I have discovered some amazing talent in my area from a girl I’ve known for years. Her name is Shelby and she has quite the talent for makeup artistry. After chatting with her about our mutual passion, I realized that I need to have this girl a part of my blog as soon as possible. So with that being said, please welcome my newest guest blogger, Shelby.

Take a look at some of her work:








Like I said, the girls got talent! You can follower her @shelby_morse on Instagram for more pictures!

Each week, her and I will be contributing to the “Makeup Of The Week” or “MOTW” section of my blog. We will put a look together to share with our followers and show each of you how to get that look. We are so excited to start this journey and think it’s a great way to start off the new year! I am ecstatic for year 2 of Miss Motives and happy to have someone as passionate as me by my side!

Stay tuned!


Miss Motives

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