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Makeup Of The Week: Winter Wonderland!

Today is the official launch of Miss Motives Makeup of The Week! I am SO excited about this new feature, I can barely stand it! Shelby and I have been working hard on some awesome looks to share with you! Each week, we will show you a new look and how to achieve that look. Not only will it be makeup, but it will be a whole outfit as well.

In honor of all the amazing blizzards and chilly weather we have been having lately, this week we are starting off with a Winter Wonderland theme.

Shelby’s Look For The Week:

1: Prime lid along with light neutral tab color on your entire eyelid. Served as a base color. There is no picture for step 1.

2: Lay a darker, warm brown into your crease, blending out and up as much as you want.

3: Create a cut crease by applying a gold to your lid only, make sure you stop before the crease

4: Use a very light beige color as a highlight on your brow bone and also by your tear duct, if desired.

5: Take the same brown you used in Step 2 and add it right below your lower lash line

6: Using a Q-tip, wet it with makeup remover and clean up underneath your eye, making the lines look sharp and defined

7: Using liquid eyeliner create a winged look that goes out past your eye

8: Apply lashes, if desired.

9: Blend your natural lashes into the false ones using a mascara with a finer brush. Make sure you don’t apply much mascara to the false lashes as they will get clumpy.



Through all this cold, icky weather, it’s obviously hard to get some sun.

1. Apply a gorgeous bronzer, like Miami Glow, to your cheeks, hairline, and jawline.

2. Add a little color to the apples of your cheeks. A great natural blush is Flushed.


Keeping things neutral with a pop of color is not only simple and quick, but classy and gorgeous. I love La La’s Mineral Lip Shine in Big Apple.


For this look, I’d personally stick with a neutral color like Vintage, so all attention is drawn to my eyes.

Now, for the rest of your look…


I’m always running late so I need a “do” that’s quick, easy, but still super cute. My go to hair-do is a simple messy bun on top of my head. It’s up, out of my face, and I’m still able to wear a cute headband to keep me warm!


What to wear…

Since it’s cold, it is necessary to keep warm. An over-sized sweater, fun scarf, and cute boots will be a perfect outfit. Throw on a cute headband and some gloves (and of course a jacket), and you’re good to go!

Even in this weather, there’s still plenty of ways to look and feel good without having to put too much effort into it.

Stay tuned for next weeks MOTW!


Miss Motives



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Welcome, Shelby!

While my blog was a total success for it’s first year being “alive”, I knew that there was so much more potential with Miss Motives. Well, today I am happy to announce one of those awesome additions!

In the past couple months I have discovered some amazing talent in my area from a girl I’ve known for years. Her name is Shelby and she has quite the talent for makeup artistry. After chatting with her about our mutual passion, I realized that I need to have this girl a part of my blog as soon as possible. So with that being said, please welcome my newest guest blogger, Shelby.

Take a look at some of her work:








Like I said, the girls got talent! You can follower her @shelby_morse on Instagram for more pictures!

Each week, her and I will be contributing to the “Makeup Of The Week” or “MOTW” section of my blog. We will put a look together to share with our followers and show each of you how to get that look. We are so excited to start this journey and think it’s a great way to start off the new year! I am ecstatic for year 2 of Miss Motives and happy to have someone as passionate as me by my side!

Stay tuned!


Miss Motives

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