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Hello San Diego!

I’m back!!! 2 weeks ago my brother and boyfriend decided to take the journey of driving to California with me. It took us 2 full days, 8 states, and one last minute gorgeous hotel room (we lucked out big time) to get us here. We had a wonderful vacation the 3 of us, along with my new roommates (family members) running around this crazy city they call San Diego.

Since they’ve left, I’ve been working hard to get myself all settled into this new place of which I absolutely love so far. It’s been such a change of pace from North Dakota, but a nice one at that. I just thought I’d share some of the exciting times we had during our ‘vk’.

Acai bowl… my new favorite. Super delicious – fruit and granola topped with no guilt. Mmm mmm.

Surf Monkey!!

Mount Soledad

In action on the rollercoaster, ha.

Check back to see more of the exciting experiences I have during the summer; = )

XO – Miss Motives

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